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summer blooms and travels....

SUMMER TIME...and the living is easy... July is here, my how the time has flown by...I have had the good graces to travel a little, visit wonderful friends, fly through the air on a swing and witness great beauty.... One night a year....blooms and disappears....and if we're lucky, we are witness. I may not have seen the blooms open, but I was able to capture the life and beauty the morning after....drunk bees, swarming ants, and wide-eyed geckos enjoying the heady, fragrant blooms of the Hylocereus....  fun at the 50th Hawaii State Fair, at Aloha Stadium....ferris wheels and fried twinkies.... CASTAWAY, private spot in the middle of an island metropolis....

Daniel and Kevin: HI and WA

I can't wait for the day when we look back, and say "what were we fighting about, EVERYONE has the right to marry the one they love! How silly....." In the meantime, here's a look at some of the love stories I've been a part of.... DANIEL AND KEVIN.... Two sweet guys from Seattle, came to Oahu with 3 best friends and 5 family members to celebrate their civil union. The ceremony was at a lovely house in West Oahu, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and sunset. A large wooden Tiki helped keep the mood light and celebratory. Kevin's best friend, Eric, and his partner of 14 years, Nick, decided that they would get a civil union while in Hawaii; a perfect way to celebrate with each other! A delicious meal was provided by Chef Kathi Saks ( ), and a gorgeous cake from Cakeworks ( ) was enjoyed by both sets of grooms!