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Planning a wedding in Hawaii? Don't know where to start? Don't have time to call various vendors? Out of State and you can't meet in person? Is the information you've gathered confusing and overwhelming? I can help! Wedding Concierge Service My Wedding Concierge service is here to help you create your dream wedding, and save you time, energy AND money.  I am not a wedding planner, nor am I your "day of " coordinator (I can do both, but that is not the service I am providing here). Most couples don't know where to start in the planning process for a wedding; or they know where to start, but the next ten steps of the process can prove to be a challenge, especially with different time zones and busy schedules. With over 10 years of experience in the Hawaii Wedding Industry, I have connections, information and practical suggestions to help you with your dream destination wedding. As your Wedding Concierge, I provide consultation, recommendations, referra