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Family Photography for every Family

Love and Family has many colors and combinations in today's society; there is no cookie-cutter version of what a family should look like anymore. And that is just wonderful; diversity makes our communities, our homes, stronger and more resilient. I wanted to share my friends' story. I met Tee (Tanya) through mutual friends from paddling probably sometime in 2010. (photos courtesy of friends/facebook) Later on, while photographing events around Honolulu for the newspaper and Honolulu Magazine, I would see her out with her girlfriend, Maylani. And although Maylani was shy, I managed to get a few cute shots of them together. (2011/2012) Both ladies are dog lovers, and I almost adopted one of their rescue pups in 2013; alas it was not a good match, and I did not keep the pup. But after that, I stayed in touch with Tee and Maylani, and was very happy when they announced they were engaged, and  hāpai  (pregnant)! I asked if they would be willing to do a a photo