Creating a Successful Family Photo Session on Oahu in 2020

 During this unique and challenging time of pandemic, quarantine, lock-down and general uncertainty, there are still ways to achieve a little bit of normalcy for your Family Photo Session on Oahu.

I am dedicated to helping my clients maintain their yearly Family Photo tradition while following pandemic guidelines and protocols. Here’s the three most important things to create a successful Family Photo Session on Oahu in 2020.

First, we select a legal and open location on Oahu. Sometimes this involves an “outside of the box” idea for a setting. Perhaps it’s not the usual beach or outdoor location, but instead a deserted downtown street area or urban setting with cool graffiti walls. Other ideas may include a private estate (I have a few of these up my sleeve) with a mountain or farm backdrop, a family’s backyard, a waterfall area, or an off-road adventure close by. There are still some beach areas that are accessible, open and secluded, but may take a little bit more effort to reach. Ask yourselves these questions:  can your feet get wet? can everyone in the group walk for 10 minutes? If yes, then there are definitely great beach  locations that will work!


Second, limited interaction with the photographer. The photographer can achieve this while wearing a mask, utilizing longer lens focal lengths and documentary techniques versus the usual stiff and boring poses and groupings, and shortening the session length. A discussion between the family members and the photographer on the phone/video chat prior to the session will also help to minimize the interaction during the session. A solid game plan always helps to move things along during your Family Photo Session.  

And last: remember to bring flexibility, patience and a sense of humor to the session. Perhaps the most important “rule”, these three mindsets will help all the participants and the photographer  enjoy the Family Photo Session, pandemic or not! Keeping the date and location flexible, maintaining patience prior and during the session, and remembering to keep the mood light and fun with laughter and silly interactions, will create Family Photos your family will treasure forever. 

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(disclaimer: not all images represent available locations)


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